The obligatory test

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First, I must speak latin so everyone thinks I’m sophisticated and educated.

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Ooooooh yeahhhhhhhhh. Now we’re verbally bling-blinging .

Now what else should I do for my first entry? Ah yes, I must post an image of my cat, as all bloggers do. Alas, I am catless (oh the affront-ery of such an act). So, I will instead swipe a feline’s avatar from google images:

Isn’t snuggles just to die for! Daddy loves her so!

And, of course, I cannot finish until I’ve written a biography in the third person (so people assume I’m so important I can’t stoop to such petty things as writing about myself).

Dustin Fife, photographer-gone-psychologist-gone-statistician-gone-writer (this one will stick, I promise), lives in a high-rise apartment (translation, a red-brick house) overlooking the city scenery (translation, overlooking nothing but a weed-infested lawn and messy diapers that are airing outside). Born and raised in Washington State, he now lives in Oklahoma with a princess that hasn’t woken from her apple-induced sleep (translation, she hasn’t mentally woken–why in the world did she choose to merry me????) and three dwarves, who all take turns playing the role of grumpy.