Japanese Garden Bench Completed!

She took longer than I wanted her too. But like a baby in the womb–no matter how much you coax her, plead with her, and beg of her, you can’t rush the moment she’s born (barring pitocin).

And at 8:07 PM on May 2nd, she arrived…

Pine Japanese Garden Bench

56 pounds, 22 ounces (totally just made that up), 66 inches long (not made up), solid pine with a redwood finish.

Only a month ago, she was nothing more than this…

Screenshot of Pine Japanese Garden Bench

…an vision in my mind and on Taunton Press’ Website.

I bought the wood on March 31st. Now she had substance–matter–wood! I stickered and let her acclimate to my garage for two weeks while I did my landscaping.

Two weeks later, I cut the pieces into rough shape.

She began to have recognizable form.

For the next two weeks, I spent every day after work shaping this beaut.

And most weekends…

Japanese Garden Bench out of Pine

I’d guess I put about 30-40 hours into her (more time than on my marriage, I’m afraid…..sorry Amber!).

Japanese Garden Bench out of Pine

But she’s here. And I’m one happy daddy.

Japanese Garden Bench out of Pine



8 thoughts on “Japanese Garden Bench Completed!

    • Thanks for stopping by, Sam. It seems you missed my previous post where I link to Taunton Press. But, I see where the confusion comes from. I updated the blog post with another link. Thanks again!

  1. Oh, I was just confused because I came through Google just to this site, now it makes sense. Thanks

    And nice work

  2. Dustin, the bench looks great. I just got the plans myself and was a bit discouraged not to find a board ft. estimate. Do you have a round about figure of how many board feet the bench was with waste?

    • I wish I could help! But I just used a bunch of 2x12s I had lying around the shop. I heard rumors there’s a sketchup CAD model out there. If you get a hold of that, you could have it estimate things for you.

      Good luck!

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