On Being Genuine (Podcast)

Today’s blog post is on Shawn Smucker’s blog (a fantastically insightful blogger, by the way). Be sure to pop on over.

Here’s a preview:

What’s it like at “the top?” How will it feel to rise to the levels of success we currently wish and dream of.


I don’t know. Really. I have no idea. But I suspect it’s not as glamorous as we up-lookers think.


I think sometimes the problem is that we see those who’ve “made it” (whatever that means) and assume there’s something inherently different about them–that they’ve got something we don’t have, that the pixie dust fell on them and blew off into the atmosphere before it could land on us.

After all, that’s what the “top dawgs” seem to suggest.



And here’s the podcast!

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