For each of the questions, remember that you can always look at the documentation to find out more information about the functions. Also, I recognize that it would be nearly impossible to determine how to do this practice with only the information I’ve provided. Consequently, I recommend becoming quite familiar with Google.

First, you’ll need to download the following files:




1. Using the dataset titled zdata.csv, do a z-test to determine whether the sample data differs from the population mean. Assume mu=100 and sigma=15. Be sure to report the z_obt and p_obt as well as to state the conclusion.

2. Using the dataset called tdata.csv to conduct a two independent sample t-test.

3. Using that same dataset, conduct a two dependent sample t-test

4. Using the dataset avdata.csv, conduct an ANOVA to determine whether the three groups differ. Be sure to report the F statistic and a p value.

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