All or nothin’

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all or nothing goal-setting

I guess you could say I’m on a “goal-setting” kick. Over New Year’s, I expressed my disdain for annual resolutions, then subsequently set a non-New Year’s resolution. (By the way, I’m 100% so far in my calorie tracking. Thanks to those who’ve checked in on me).

And it seems I’ve got more to say.

The story

One thing we Mormons are supposed to do is home teach. The basic idea is that each dude is assigned 2-5 families that they’re supposed to minister to–give a lesson, assess needs, be a friend, that sort of thing. Problem is, most don’t like to do it. Many loathe it. Said individuals would rather sit comfortably at home and say a prayer for said families and hope the families never bother them for help.

As a native introvert, I’ve had my own ups and downs as a home teacher. Read more »