A storyteller’s guide to livin’

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I’ve decided to take my blog another direction. Or, actually, I’ve already been going this direction, but finally put it into words.

A storyteller’s guide to living.

Life is hard.

And, I suspect, life is hardest for those who are happiest.

Why? Because it takes a great deal of effort to be content. Or, in other words, living the good life requires work.

Sometimes, I’m afraid, I’m too lazy to be happy.

And other times, I wonder why it took me so long to invest in my own satisfaction.

So, let me introduce you to the principals of good living. Read more »

Uncovering stories from the mundane

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Finding stories in the mundane: Jordan's second illustration

In my last post about writing with dyslexia, I mentioned my brother (Jordan) recommended I fill my journal with stories. Jordan was a master at this. I thought it’d be fun to share one of the stories he shared with me in one of his letters (complete with Jordan’s own illustrations). So, without further delay, Jordan… Read more »