The contents() function in fifer


I’m ashamed to admit it. I often forget the functions in my own package. You’d think that after spending hours creating it, hours more debugging it, and even more hours getting it to pass CRAN’s militant package checklist, I’d remember. But no, sadly. Was it Or Or StringsToColors? At first I assigned aliases (e.g., and all point to the same documentation), but sometimes that wasn’t enough. I’d say something like, “I remember creating a function that….er…maybe it like rotates a plot or something? What was its name?”What's inside the box?I used to type


But that got annoying (and I could never remember the command). So I created one called contents().

How to use it

To know what functions a package contains, type the following:


For example, to see what’s in MASS, type


To see what’s in fifer, type


or just


And bam! Yer done.

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