Lemme just start with a disclaimer. So far, nobody has actually asked me any of these questions. So, frequently asked questions is a bit of a misnomer. However, my psychic instincts have kicked in and I’m reading your thoughts πŸ™‚Β  Something tells me that if you and I were sipping cocoa on a sofa while listening to smooth jazz, these are the questions you’d ask.

1. Are the stories true?

Yes. No. Both. Yes, the events that happened actually happened. Yes the lessons learned were actually learned. Yes, the vast majority of the details are historically accurate.


In the interest of interesting interest, sometimes I add some details here and there. It’s a trick we learn in the noveling industry–you help immerse the reader in the world by providing details. Rather than telling you boy and girl chatted about their relationship, it’s better to say they sat, staring at the lightning flicker across the thick black clouds, smelling the freshly fallen rain, and feeling a breeze chill their skin…

Are you there yet? Are you in the scene?

So, with that explanation, sometimes I’ll say that Amber was wearing a pink shirt and wore vanilla perfume. Did she really? Maybe. Maybe not. But it helps you as a reader experience it with those who had the experience first hand. Was it really raining when Eugene didn’t come back to school? I don’t remember. (Though probably, it was Washington State, after all). But that sort of detail helps immerse you in the story and primes you to feel the emotion I intend you to feel. It’s foreshadowing my friend!

2. Am I free to share your stories?

Umm…..totally! I’d love you to share what I’ve learned with others. That’s the purpose of this blog, really–to inspire people the world over to learn through other people’s experiences. So, yes, please do share these stories.

I do ask that you give attributions. Whether giving a sermon in church or conversing with a friend, I would appreciate ya’ll letting others know the source. Not sure what to say? Let me help:

So, I heard this story from dustinfife.net–totally awesome website by the way. I laugh, I cry, I weep, and I shout for joy at every blog post. You should subscribe and get all your friends to subscribe.

Where was I?

Yeah, that should do it.Β  πŸ™‚

3. Are you really that good-looking?

Sadly, no. Photoshop, studio lights, clothing, posing, and all the other wonderful tricks of photography can turn an ugly man into this…

Dustin Fife PhotographOk….still not terribly impressive.

And after having wrote that, I just realized my psychic-sense is miscalibrated. Nobody had that question, did they?

Ah well.

Anyhow. Now that my fake questions have been answered, be sure to drop me a line if you have any others. Peace out.





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