Ten year anniversary

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Amber and me on our wedding day

This week, my wife and I will have been married ten years.

Quite a milestone.

I’ve said this before, but I loathe public proclamations of love. I’ve known of too many people who speak insults and threats of divorce in private while proclaiming undying love and affection in public.

That ain’t love.

On the other hand, I have been deeply moved by those who have not shied away from showing their love. I remember, as a missionary, seeing the way some friends (John and Katie) interacted with one another. It wasn’t a show specially scripted for me, but rather it was just who they were.

They loved each other, whether anyone was watching or not.

Likewise, I love my wife. Read more »

The curse of entitlement

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the curse of entitlement
Boy, I loathe that sense of entitlement. I hate it when other people develop a sense of entitlement. I remember as a young undergraduate making the mistake of calling one of my professors by the first name. (Let’s call him John.)

“Hi, John?” I said. “I have a question.”

Dr. John “Smartipants” Smith removed his glasses from his exceptionally long nose, placed them on the podium, closed his eyes with a deep sigh, and said, “The name is Doctor Smith.”

I almost laughed. (I had enough sense to restrain myself.)

At the time I knew I would never be one of those professors who felt entitled to have everyone bow down to my intellect and call me Dr. Fife.

And then I got my PhD. Read more »

Cover reveal? I need your help!

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The Nexus Has Fallen Cover Reveal Dustin Fife

Take a moment, my friends and glance to the right (if you’re on a desktop) or to the bottom of the screen (if you’re on a phone).

See that counter (countdown to launch)?

You know what it means?

That means we’re just over six months away from the launching of my first novel, The Nexus has Fallen.

And where do we stand? Currently, a final team of superstar beta readers are piloting my novel. (Thank you!!!!!)

This is it, people.

The time is coming. Read more »