Want to know about me? Or about my blog? How about I tell you both?

About my blog

I’m a writer. And one day, I want to share my fictional stories with everyone–have them experience the emotions I intend them to experience: joy, sorrow, mirth, love…

Yes, I want to manipulate your emotions. Muah ha ha.

But it’s a long process to publication. And along the way, I’m collecting non-fictional stories. Perhaps they’ll serve as inspiration when my characters are floating through space or traveling to a world you and I can only dream of. Or perhaps I’m just collecting stories for the sake of collecting stories.

You see, everyone’s got a story. Some are hilarious, while others are heart-warming or gut-wrenching. My mission is to document those stories. Amidst all that’s going on around us–wars, poverty, addiction, pollution, conflict–we’re still just people. And sometimes we need to take a break from the problems that surround us and have a reminder that we’re human–that we all love, ache, laugh, rejoice, and mourn.

Every one of us is connected through that human experience. Every one of us is fascinating. My job is to find what’s interesting and make it into a story.

You may not think you’re interesting. But I do.

About Dustin

Dustin Fife--author, storyteller, and blogger

Howdy! I’m Dustin. A few tidbits about me:

(1) I’ve got a PhD in Psychology.

(3) I work as a biostatistician.

(5) I write science fiction.

(6) I only count incrementally when necessary.

I’m married to the lovely, Amber Clawson Fife, photographer and supermodel. You can visit her webpage here. I’m a dad to three good-looking boys and a little princess, all of which are convinced that broccoli can make you fly and messy rooms kill people. (No idea where they got that from). Writing and statistic-ing aside, I like to cook (Italian cuisine and BBQ, mostly), woodwork (Asian Modern style, mostly), and garden (with dirt, mostly).