The Nexus Has Fallen…And It’s Here.

By golly.

It has taken a loooooong time. This project has stuck with me like an unshakable infection. Well, that’s not fair, the project is great, fantastic even. But the incompletion of this project has stuck with me.

And now I am rid of that incompletion.

The Nexus Has Fallen is finally here, available from Amazon in both ebook form and in print.

I hope you enjoy it.

Ah, who’m I kidding. I desperately yearn from the depths of my boots that ya’ll adore it and become Nexus missionaries, spreading the word amongst friends and insisting your Hollywood director cousin adapt it into a movie.

Please, my friends, read the book, review the book, share the book. Make me famous ‘n stuff.

And for those who have stuck with me for months or years, thank you.

Enjoy meeting the best friends I have had the pleasure of creating.


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