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I am happy when I don’t blog

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The nexus has fallen cover reveal

Yes, I’m still here.

Why haven’t I blogged?

Well, the truth is I’m not blogging because I’ve found happiness.

Weird, huh?

I began this blog in September 2014. Why? Because I was miserable. I was working at a good job that wasn’t my dream job. And I’m not one who can find contentment without perfection. (That is, after all, why I married perfection herself). Read more »

I’m still here…barely

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No, I’m not dead.

Let’s just say, I don’t have the emotional resources to write. It seems being a professor is time consuming.

Fortunately, the semester is coming to a close and I’ll have time to share some of the thoughts that have been going through my mind of late. In the mean time, I’m pushing back my book launch so I can focus on finishing the semester strong and taking a long mental bubble bath.

Peace out.

Maybe mouthy kids aren’t such a bad thing…

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mouthy kids

You’ve seen the posts, haven’t you?

“If you were whipped as a kid, like, share, and comment.”

“Kids these days don’t know what it means to cut a switch from the yard.”

“If I talked back to my teacher, I’d get slapped. Share if you agree!”

The bruises we wear on our behinds, the back of our hands, and the insides of our psyches have become a badge of pride. Read more »

Guest Post: 8 things I learned with my 30-day Facebook Detox

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8 things I learned with my 30-day Facebook Detox

Today’s a special treat: the most beautifullest, bestest, brightestest person in the world is guest posting–my lovely wife. About a year ago, she took a 30 day break from Facebook and here’s what she learned…


Facebook is a Drug: 8 things I learned with my 30-day Detox

My birthday was in late July. How could eating ice cream 3 times in one day NOT make it the best day ever? Purple heart earrings from my little boys, love notesfrom everyone able to hold a pen, dinner and a movie with my best and forever friend, the day was perfect. As I got ready for bed, I jumped on my phone to say thank you to birthday wishers. Suddenly it was almost 2am without having written one single thank you.

What went wrong?

I got distracted in clicking, reading, and scrolling. Social media is a drug; Facebook is a drug.

Read more »

The myth of sentimentality

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the myth of sentimentality picture

I’m not a sentimental man.

As a grown man, I’ve only sobbed twice, both times because of sentimentality. (And I mean, bawled, snot dripping from my nose, hiccuping with gasping breaths, falling to the ground and pounding the floor crying.)

But I realized there’s no such thing as sentimentality.

You with me?

Lemme tell you why.

But first, some background. Read more »