The Anger Ball

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Keeping your cool in an argument

It’s been eleven years now since I learned that lesson. I was living in Michigan, serving as a missionary. For those unfamiliar with Mormon-dom, let me tell you about those fellows who wear white shirts, ties, and black name tags. The pair of them must be within eye sight of one another 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The only break they get from one another is the occasional “trade-off” where they switch companions for a day.

And did I mention you don’t get to choose your companion?

And it can last anywhere from six weeks to six months (and sometimes more).

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On Being Genuine (Podcast)

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Today’s blog post is on Shawn Smucker’s blog (a fantastically insightful blogger, by the way). Be sure to pop on over.

Here’s a preview:

What’s it like at “the top?” How will it feel to rise to the levels of success we currently wish and dream of.


I don’t know. Really. I have no idea. But I suspect it’s not as glamorous as we up-lookers think.


I think sometimes the problem is that we see those who’ve “made it” (whatever that means) and assume there’s something inherently different about them–that they’ve got something we don’t have, that the pixie dust fell on them and blew off into the atmosphere before it could land on us.

After all, that’s what the “top dawgs” seem to suggest.



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Ghosts and guest posts from the blog with the most

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Howdy. This isn’t yer standard blog post. More of a series of announcements. So, here we go…

  1. Next week is “ghost week.” I’m teaming up with Granny Sue, a professional storyteller and blogger (who is totally awesome, by the way) for this one. I’ve written a fun little ghost story that will be hosted on her blog and she’ll be writing one for my blog–southern folklore style. More on that next week.I can’t wait 😉
  2. This week’s traditional blog post will take place on Erik Tyler’s blog. More details will come tomorrow. In the mean time, feel free to peruse Erik’s blog. He’s really a stellar individual and has written a fantastic book that will change your life. (It even comes highly recommended from a top-notch Google big-wig). I guarantee, after you’ve spent a few minutes perusing this guy’s blog (or book), you’ll feel like he’s the BFF you’ve never had and the sort of guy you’d love to spend an hour with at a coffee shop.

Other than that, I’ve got some other exciting things down the road, including maybe another novella featuring another stellar individual, the audiobook version of Love the Unloved, and a video with some hired talent. Read more »

How do you know when you’ve forgiven someone?

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What does it mean to forgive?

I warn you now–I’m gonna lay it out there–exposed my sinful heart for the world to see. But maybe by doing that, I’ll find what I’m looking for.

How do you know when you’ve forgiven someone?

This question seems to pop on quite a bit in Sunday school. How do you know when you’ve forgiven someone?

Well. I don’t know if I have the answer. But I do have an answer that made a difference in my life. And, it changed my perspective too. Read more »