The curse of entitlement

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the curse of entitlement
Boy, I loathe that sense of entitlement. I hate it when other people develop a sense of entitlement. I remember as a young undergraduate making the mistake of calling one of my professors by the first name. (Let’s call him John.)

“Hi, John?” I said. “I have a question.”

Dr. John “Smartipants” Smith removed his glasses from his exceptionally long nose, placed them on the podium, closed his eyes with a deep sigh, and said, “The name is Doctor Smith.”

I almost laughed. (I had enough sense to restrain myself.)

At the time I knew I would never be one of those professors who felt entitled to have everyone bow down to my intellect and call me Dr. Fife.

And then I got my PhD. Read more »

Seeing others as they can be: A story of service

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I really wish I was better. I watch certain people who serve others joyfully–always volunteering to help somebody move, or feed the homeless, or open their home to the unloved.

I’m not one of those. I want to be. I try to be. Perhaps it’s my native introversion, but I’d just rather stay at home with the family.

Yet as I try, I can’t help but think about Jim… Read more »