A storyteller’s guide to livin’

I’ve decided to take my blog another direction. Or, actually, I’ve already been going this direction, but finally put it into words.

A storyteller’s guide to living.

Life is hard.

And, I suspect, life is hardest for those who are happiest.

Why? Because it takes a great deal of effort to be content. Or, in other words, living the good life requires work.

Sometimes, I’m afraid, I’m too lazy to be happy.

And other times, I wonder why it took me so long to invest in my own satisfaction.

So, let me introduce you to the principals of good living.

What is a good life?

That’s just a bad question, really. Why? Because my delectable life is different than yours. You might enjoy the bustle of a busy city, be invigorated by the lights and energy of the city. Or you might prefer the silence of your own thoughts in a place far from the noise of others. You might find the greatest peace in doing the most repetitive of tasks, or you might never be satisfied unless you’re always trying something new.

But, there are some commonalities.

Those who live the delectable life cherish family relationships

They recognize the satisfaction that comes from being a good person.

They forgive those who’ve wronged them.

and step outside their comfort zone to befriend another.

All the while, they recognize that we cannot be truly satisfied without connecting with those we love. Or finding someone new to love, especially those who are unloved

Living the good life is about living simply and wanting little, remembering that to want is to remain discontent. But at the same time, never being satisfied with mediocrity.

To me it means to take time to invest in their own happiness through hobbies and relaxation.

And, finally, living the good life is about taking time to connect with “God,” whoever your god is. Maybe your god is Buddha, or Krishna, or Jesus Christ. Or perhaps your god is nature or the universe. Maybe your god is the beautiful laws discovered (and yet discovered) by science. To live delectably, we must recognize that something out there is bigger than us and recognize that much of life is beyond our control. We must train ourselves to connect with that force and recognize the beauty of its creations.

Why me?

Why should lowly ol’ Dustin Fife be the travel guide. Good question. I’m not naturally happy. I’d love to say that I’m some uber-special monk of contented living that can speak in proverbs and guide weary travelers down the long path of awakening; I’d love to pronounce that the gift of delectable-ness has been bestowed upon me and me alone and with the grace of my words I can promise you (for two easy payments of $99.95) a delectable existence.


I’ve known both misery and “meh.” I’m familiar with giving up and hating myself for doing so. I also know what it’s like to simply exist in a passionless void. I know what it’s like to choose laziness over happiness.

So, basically, I’m just sayin’ I’m the worst of examples.

However, I can empathize with the struggle for contentment. I recognize that living a good life can be painfully difficult, even impossible at times. So, along the way, you’ll have a compassionate coach who recognizes his own failings at heeding his own advice. I won’t point to the path and wish you luck. I’m traveling it too, stumbling with you, and maybe hoping you will tell me the next step.

So, I guess what I’m saying is that this blog is the home for the weary traveler–the place where you and I can connect, share our experiences, share the lessons we’ve learned, and hopefully, in the process, make the world a better place.

But, I do have one gift going for me. I’m a storyteller. For centuries, the gift of storytelling has been treasured for its ability to find gems of meaning amidst the refuse of existence. Often these stories alter the trajectory of nations

(Uncle Tom’s Cabin by Harriett Beecher Stowe, for example, has been credited with changing the views of slavery in the American north.)

If one simple story can change a nation, how much easier can it change a life? Why not your life?

So, as I travelogue my path to delectable living, I’ll be sharing stories. Some of these stories will be factual, in both the details and the message. My other stories, my novels, will be just as factual, but the lessons will be told by fictional characters living in made-up places. Whether fiction or non-fiction, the message will be the same: living the good life requires decency, simplicity, connecting with one’s god, and (most importantly) it requires effort.

So, will you join me? Will you travel the arduous road to delectable living? I hope you will. And I hope you tell me about it.

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  1. I just wanted to thank you for your blog. I’m a relative of Ambers and I discovered your blog through her posting on Facebook. I read it as I eat breakfast in the mornings and it is a wonderful way to start my day and I know it makes me a better person as well as being enjoyable. You are a good writer!

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