And the winner is…

I know ya’ll have been holding your breath. The moment has arrived….

The winner of the “get my name forever emblazoned in a totally awesome scifi book and get a free audiobook in the process” contest is….

Sondra Richards!

Your name has replaced a character in my book. (Hint: your character may have an advanced degree 🙂 )

Woot woot!

For the rest of you, I hope you enjoyed the audiobook. And for those who missed the drawing, no worries; the audiobook is still available (you just have to join my mailing list below). Also, other immortalizing opportunities will be available for you readers and The Nexus Has Fallen (and beyond).

No regular blog post this week. We’re in the process of packing a trailer to move to NJ! Hopefully, we’ll be squared away for next week.

Peace out!

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