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Alright, here’s the deal. Did I ever tell you I want to be famous? Well, okay, so that’s not true. I’m a bit of an introvert and would hate to don a disguise just to go to the grocery store. But I do want my words to be read from across the globe. I want to know that what I’ve written has inspired others to be better, to work harder, to live closer to the contented life.

And, my work of works, the consummation of my rhetorical genius, the ultimum effectum of awesomeness will be revealed in just a few short months.

The time has nearly come–the crowning accomplishment of four years worth of non-too-few hundred hours of hammering at a keyboard, the result of countless tears and head-banging.

It is nearly here.

The Nexus Has Fallen.

The nexus has fallen cover reveal

On August 17th, 2012 I birthed the idea (read more about it here).

But, I’ve got a bit of a problem. Well, two problems actually.

Problem Number One: I need to change one of my characters’ names.

Problem Number Two: I need a wider audience. Don’t get me wrong, I’m deeply grateful for all of you who have faithfully followed my blog and waited with perspiring anticipation for the release of my book.

But can’t a guy ask for more?

If my words are gonna fill the world, I need my readership base to be a bit wider than it is now.

You see the solution to my two problems, don’t you?

*cue sly laugh*

Here’s the deal–at the end of this blog post, I’m going to invite you to join my mailing list. All that means is that my pseudo-weekly blog post will be sent to your inbox. No spam. No sleazy car salesman-style techniques to get you to invest your life-savings in a get-rich-quick scheme. Just an invitation to hear about my weekly pursuit of contented living and the progress of my book publications.

And in exchange? Well, besides having amazing life-lessons delivered right to your digital doorstep, you get an awesome opportunity.

You may get to be a character in my book.

In one week, I’ll randomly select someone to be a character in my book. (Don’t worry, I’ve got both a male and female character I need to replace, so either can sign up).

But there’s more! (Eeeeek…..that sounded like the beginning of a sleazy car salesman trick). In addition to the awesome opportunity to be a character, you’ll also receive a free audiobook.

Remember this baby?….

Love the Unloved by Dustin Fife

I just recently finished producing the audiobook, which features the fantastic talents of my good friend Mary Banford and the fantastic Alan Munro.

So, in short, for the next week, everyone who signs up for my mailing list will receive the Love the Unloved audiobook. In addition, they’ll be entered into a drawing to have their name etched into eternity in my next book.

Sound excellent?

I hope so.

Now, I ask one final favor of you.

Please, spread the word. As I said, I need a wider base for this thing to hit the rhetorical Emmys.

Once again, I thank you all for your support, your encouragement, and your digital friendship. I look forward to what lies ahead–for both of us 🙂

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