Maybe mouthy kids aren’t such a bad thing…

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mouthy kids

You’ve seen the posts, haven’t you?

“If you were whipped as a kid, like, share, and comment.”

“Kids these days don’t know what it means to cut a switch from the yard.”

“If I talked back to my teacher, I’d get slapped. Share if you agree!”

The bruises we wear on our behinds, the back of our hands, and the insides of our psyches have become a badge of pride. Read more »

The 70% Rule

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The 70% rule
The 70% Rule.

Speaking of failures, amidst my many shortcomings, I’ve had this nagging something plaguing me of late. It’s okay to fail at writing, it’s okay to fail at my profession, and it’s okay to fail at losing weight and exercise. But I cannot accept failure at being a dad.

But I’ve felt like a failure lately. It seems that 90+% of my interactions with my kids are contentious. And all the while, I keep thinking, I’m one of those dads. You know what I’m talking about, right? The sort of dad that’s always butting heads with the kids, the sort of dad that the kids are conditioned to resent long before maturity sets in (and with it, the humble realization that dad may have been right after all).

But, I did little about it. I suppose I was so preoccupied with my other endeavors to do anything about it. (Bad idea). Read more »

Thou shalt not covet. Right?

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thou shalt not covet

There was a time when I never wanted a family. No kids, no wife. Just me and blissful solitude.

That was last week. Okay, so maybe it wasn’t that bad. It’s not that I didn’t want my family. I was just on edge. All the time. My blood pressure never seemed to settle. I was either buried with work or walking through a hailstorm of noise when I came home.

Never a moment of quiet. It was, in many ways, familiar. But it had never been this worse.

Or should I say, it has never been this worse. Read more »

Ethan’s testimony

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My silly son ethan

Meet Ethan:

That about sums it up. While Corban (my oldest) is a carbon copy of Amber (empathetic, generous, and affectionate), Ethan’s mine–silly to the bone.

Amber’s parents are leaving for Africa as missionaries and we wanted to send them a good-bye gift and have each of their children share their feelings about Jesus.

What did Ethan say?

Amber turns off the camera and asks, “what was that about???”

“I was following Jesus!” he said, feigning piousness.

Amber laughed. “Let’s try this again. I want you to say something.”

And he did.

A dad couldn’t be more proud 😉