The myth of sentimentality

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I’m not a sentimental man.

As a grown man, I’ve only sobbed twice, both times because of sentimentality. (And I mean, bawled, snot dripping from my nose, hiccuping with gasping breaths, falling to the ground and pounding the floor crying.)

But I realized there’s no such thing as sentimentality.

You with me?

Lemme tell you why.

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Why I suck as a blogger. And my commitment to you.

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July 23, 2015 Update: It’s fun going back over this post and reading it. At the time I wrote this post, I had no idea the direction I was going with my blog. I had these strange ambitions of having a DIY/writing/statistics blog. I’m glad I settled into story-telling! It’s very cathartic. But, I couldn’t just take this down. For historical interest, I had to leave this as is. This is where my “blogging revolution” began. Enjoy…

(end update).

You know what? I’m going to skip an introduction. You want to know why? Because that’s where I get stuck. I keep thinking, “hey, dude, you need to blog. Get started!” And then I’m like, “Okay. Yes. Blog. Got it. Ok, I know I want to blog about dungeon-raised pigeon hybrids, but how do I start….hmmmm, let’s see…”

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