Will he live or will he die? Part 2

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Ethan in the hospital: a story of faith

(This post is part 2 of my son’s battle with meningitis).

New hospital, same story.

Hour after hour, day after day, I smiled at Ethan, I tried to tickle him. I blew bubbles and played with puppets. All the while I pleaded–

“Please come back to me, buddy. Just one smile? Can you laugh?” Read more »

Will he live or die? A story of faith.

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A story of faith

It has been almost five years since this happened–an event that changed my life forever. This is a story of faith, or how I learned to trust God enough to let His will be done, no matter what it meant for me.

September 19, 2010–A story of faith

My one-year-old looked like a corpse–his limbs as lifeless as a man on his deathbed. I paced our living room as Dr. Gilson, a chiropractor from church held the stethoscope to his chest.

This couldn’t be happening. Read more »

It could have been the darkest day of my life…

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How I almost drowned my kids
Novel 4 Progress: 4,689 of 65,000 Queries sent: 50 Requests for pages: 4 What’s this?

We should have gone to the swimming pool, where the water is clear. Instead we went to Lake Thunderbird.

That was my first mistake.

I was loading the kiddos into the truck. My wife, infant in arms, called out the door, “Don’t forget to bring life jackets.”

“Got it.”

I looked for maybe three minutes. I was in a big hurry. I found one, but not the three I needed. It’ll be fine. The youngest, the two-year-old had a jacket. The other two had been taking swim lessons. They knew, at least, how to doggie paddle.

Second mistake. Read more »