And the winner is…

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winner of The Nexus Has Fallen giveaway

I know ya’ll have been holding your breath. The moment has arrived….

The winner of the “get my name forever emblazoned in a totally awesome scifi book and get a free audiobook in the process” contest is….

Sondra Richards!

Your name has replaced a character in my book. (Hint: your character may have an advanced degree 🙂 )

Woot woot!

For the rest of you, I hope you enjoyed the audiobook. And for those who missed the drawing, no worries; the audiobook is still available (you just have to join my mailing list below). Also, other immortalizing opportunities will be available for you readers and The Nexus Has Fallen (and beyond).

No regular blog post this week. We’re in the process of packing a trailer to move to NJ! Hopefully, we’ll be squared away for next week.

Peace out!

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Join me on the path to the good life, and receive a free audiobook. Stories

Free audiobook and giveaway

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Alright, here’s the deal. Did I ever tell you I want to be famous? Well, okay, so that’s not true. I’m a bit of an introvert and would hate to don a disguise just to go to the grocery store. But I do want my words to be read from across the globe. I want to know that what I’ve written has inspired others to be better, to work harder, to live closer to the contented life.

And, my work of works, the consummation of my rhetorical genius, the ultimum effectum of awesomeness will be revealed in just a few short months.

The time has nearly come–the crowning accomplishment of four years worth of non-too-few hundred hours of hammering at a keyboard, the result of countless tears and head-banging. Read more »

When you lack the emotional resources…

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lacking in emotional resources

I’m too busy to write this post.

Like, seriously.

I’ve got too many YouTube videos to watch. I’ve got too many political articles to read. I’ve got too many dollar theater movies to see. I’ve got Facebook feeds to follow, instagram pictures to like, and Netflix series’ to binge watch.

So, obviously I’m too busy.

Right. Read more »

The fight for freedom

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be the change you wish to see in the world

I don’t normally do this. Like, ever.

I’m a religious fellow. God believer and all that. But this blog is home to religious and non-religious alike, so I try not to allow my faith to alienate those who believe otherwise.

I’m also an American. A large chunk of my audience is non-American.

And yet today is my nation’s Independence Day. How can I not be American today?

And since I’m being proudly American, can I not be proudly religious?

But stay with me, non-Christians, Buddhists, Atheists, and Muslims. Stick around Australians, French, and Polynesians.

I’m hoping there’s a message for everyone here. Read more »

The re-emergence of racism

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the re-emergence of racism. Photo courtesy of

May 2003

Foreign. Alien. Must adapt. Can’t adapt.

The most impossible adjustment ever. Within a week, I’d gone from ultimate freedom to this.

I was a missionary. I sat in my apartment, unclipping and re-clipping my name-tag. A constant mold stench permeated the building. The brown laminate of the kitchen looked like a bad remodeling job from the 1960s. The air was hot, cooled by nothing but a circular fan that coughed when you plugged it in.

“Let’s go,” my missionary companion said. I’d never met the guy before yesterday. Blond hair. Short. From Utah.

A stranger. Yet this stranger would become my only companion for the next three months. 24 hours a day. 7 days a week.

My only privacy was my trips to the bathroom. And even then, I could sometimes hear his breath through the paper-thin walls.

I hated it. This wasn’t home. Read more »